History 1 Chapter 8

What did the national government lack under the Articles of Confederation?
An executive and a judicial branch
How did the Articles of Confederation incorporate the power of the states?
Each state had a single vote in Congress
What was a shared feature of all the state constitutions drawn up during the American Revolution?
A commitment to republicanism
Virginia’s constitution was the first to
include a bill of rights
Which state allowed free blacks and women to vote in the early years of the republic?
New Jersey
What financial problem did the confederate government face after the war?
Huge war debts it could not afford to pay
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The Northwest Ordinance of 1787
prohibited slavery in the Northwest Territory
What was the legacy of Shay’s Rebellion?
Political leaders realized the Articles were inadequate
Who, along with Alexander Hamilton, was instrumental in calling for the Philadelphia meeting in May 178 to discuss the Articles of Confederation?
James Madison
Which issue dominated debate at the Constitutional Convention?
How to balance the interests of large and small states
At the Constitutional Convention, the proposal to create a two-chamber legislature-with representation in both houses based on each state’s population-was known as the
Virginia Plan.
What was the smaller states’ major objection to the Virginia Plan at the Constitutional Convention?
Representation based on population in both houses
As a part of the Great Compromise, delegates at the Philadelphia convention agree
that the lower house would be apportioned by population of the states
How did delegates decide to count slaves when determining the apportionment of representatives?
Slaves were counted under the three-fifths clause.
In a new distinction between democracy and republicanism, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention
gave a direct voice to the people only in the House.
According to the Constitution, who would settle disputes between states and citizens of different states?
A national judiciary
Who had to ratify the Constitution before it could go into effect?
Nine states in ratifying conventions
What did pro-Constitution forces call themselves?
The core of Antifederalists’ opposition to the Constitution centered on what fear?
Distant power might infringe on people’s individual liberties.
In essay 10 of the Federalist, James Madison maintained that the constitutional government would
prevent any one faction from the subverting the freedom of other groups.
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