Chapter 5 AP World History Vocabulary Flashcards

North African Christian theologian; made major contributions in incorporating elements of classical philosophy into Christianity
a state in the Ethiopian highlands; received influences from the Arabian peninsula; converted to Christianity
founder of monasticism in the former western half of the Roman Empire; established the Benedictine rule in the 6th century
Buddhist holy men who refused advance toward nirvana to receive prayers of the living to help them reach holiness
Byzantine Empire
eastern half of the Roman Empire; survived until 1453; retained Mediterranean, especially Hellenistic, culture
early migrants into western Europe; organized into small regional kingdoms; had mixed agricultural and hunting economies
Roman emperor (321-337 CE); established his capital at Constantinople; used Christianity to unify the empire
mother goddess within Hinduism; devotion to her spread widely after the collapse of the Gupta and encouraged new emotionalism in religious ritual
Roman emperor (284-305 CE); restored later empire by improved administration and tax collection
people from beyond the northern borders of the Roman Empire; had mixed agricultural and pastoral economies; moved into the Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th centuries CE
version of Buddhism popular in China; emphasized Buddha’s role as a savior
Pastoral nomads
any of the many peoples from the steppes of Asia that herded animals; transhumant migrants
islands contained in a rough triangle with its points at Hawaii, New Zealand, and Easter Island
Bishop of Rome; head of the Catholic church in western Europe
regional military princes in India following the collapse of the Gupta Empire
holy men and women in Christianity; their merit could be tapped by ordinary Christians
religion of the early Japanese court; included the worship of numerous gods and spirits associated with the natural world
dynasty succeeding the Han; grew from strong rulers in northern China; reunited China
dynasty succeeding the Sui in 618 CE
Yellow Turbans
Chinese Daoists who launched a revolt in 184 CE, promising a golden age to be brought about by divine magic
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