AP World History Semester 1 Exam Review

Discuss the political organization of the Mesopotamian civilization.
Focus on Agriculture, built in river valley, in one place, non nomads
What is the Neolithic Revolution? Where did it occur?
Time where people settled down, tools were invented
Discus Indus Valley contributions and its decline.
First civilization, cratered tools, declined with stronger civilizations
What was the Mesopotamian, Sumerian civilization known for producing?
Compare Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations.
Both based on river valleys
Compare the Qin and Zhou dynasties in classical China.
Both focused highly on military power
What is a dynasty?
Reign of a family, ruled over china, government form of china
Discuss the various functions/aspects of the Han government.
Peasants worked for higher class, that class for another class, all the way up to the top
Discuss the Chinese view of nature.
Chinese saw nature as a peaceful being, and tried to find harmony with nature.
Compare Daoism and Confucianism.
Both focuesd on peace with nature
Compare classical Chinese and Indian society.
India more tolerable and had casts system
How did Buddism differ from Hinduism.
How did the Mauryan dynasty differ from the Gupta dynasty?
Gupta less tolerable
Discuss the political, social, and economic aspects of the Roman Empire.
Emperor, focus on conquering, trade
Discuss the possible Confucian viewpoint of the Roman Empire.
How did the Greeks approach science?
Learn by doing
Who were the Bedouins?
Who was Muhammad? What was his role in the development of Islam, especially his flight to Medina?
What are the five pillars of Islam?
Discuss the Sunni-Shia split.
Religious belief conflicts
Discuss the status of women in Islamic society, especially during the Abbasid.
Low class, no power
What were the crusades? Why were they successful initially?
Holy Wars, initially brought much trade
What was the impact of the Crusades on West? On Islam?
Money to the west, bad for the Islam
Compare Islam and Hinduism – similarities and differences.
Hindu had hire focus on nature and multiple gods
What was iconoclasm?
worship of icons
What caused the split between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches?
Who was Pope Gregory VII?
What is manorialism?
What is feudalism?
working in return for land
Describe the dominant artistic and architectural style of the High Middle Ages.
Domes, spirlets
Discuss the basic formation and political sturcture of the Tang dynasty.
Who were the scholar-gentry? Discuss their change in status over time.
class of scholars, elite
Discuss the status of women in the Tang-Song dynasty of post-classical China.
considered beautiful, but had no power
Discuss the relationship of the peasants to samurai in Japan.
What resulted from the collapse of the Ashikaga Shogunate?
Discuss the state of the Korean bureasucracy under the Chinese influence.
Korea became a mirror of China
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